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Okay, here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people.

~the age of next bday~

sweet 20

sweet 20

remember this date okay 23 March 2009—-turning 20 but still sweet n young =)

~place i’d like to travel~

dream to go...

dream to go...

italy that I dream of…symbolic of love—->specific: venice

~favourite food~



ayam masak lemak cili api that i miss soo much….but my mak liza is da best, simply yummy!!

~favourite place~


i love beach!!!! soothing n magnificent…..

beach that gave me unforgettable memories—-> port dickson(i’ve been here with fadhli,i got my ring here)

~nickname i had~

i should put it as nicknames…

first one

do i look a like??

do i look a like??

doraemon is my nickname when i was in my secondary school,to be specific when was in samura

my assumption why they called me doraemon: mybe i’m round like doraemon, mybe i’m afraid of rats like doraemon n mostly n for sure that i’m cute like doraemon…hahaha =)



this is my latest nickname given by lya—keep calling me ticks..tp bukan sbb i penternak ticks..it’s just a nickname n we(combee n me) called lya flies..n we(me n lya) called combee mites —->ini semua sbb pengaruh last modul that we took…oh that tropical infection!!!!

other nicknames that i have:

iqa-given by mye

atiq-given by combee n aizad

tqa-most of my friends us this

~favourite colour~



it’s all about blue,blue n blue(i’ll put my blog about this colour)…blue means soothing, relaxing n myself

~college major~


medical is what i’m doin now..hard but entertaining..urghh,but hard is the most

~name of my love~

i can’t  google my love pic so i took from my collections…hehe

my love

my love

muhammad zulfadhli ariff bin amir hussein—->name of my love,my heart n my soul

~a hobby~

pair-readingi just love reading..but my priority in reading surely not my medical books that make me tense…currently in love with magazine n online cerpen…novel dh lame tgglkn but still doin in if i have times…

~bad habit~

what a beautiful world...

what a beautiful world...

day dreaming….my bad habit that i can’t easily change..dream about my days that make me sometimes forgot my true world…=)

~my wish list~

my dream wedding

my dream wedding

my light blue wedding….counting when it will come true..ngeh3—-> umi said: habiskan belajar dulu la…at this moment this is my wish but will be updated later….weee =)

~tagged people~








p:s/tp myesara,rajin2 tag ak…nnti ak buat byk2…hehe =)



  1. anakramalan said,

    weheheheehehhe.yay kene tag!
    iA nnt buat occayy.

  2. gman said,

    arghh kena ke?hokeh nt buat!huhu

    • addictwithblue said,

      harusla kena buat sbb dh di tag..ngeh3…

  3. hazirah said,

    hye! awk…..ari tu lupa ambik gambar kan! ? 😦 sedih la ni

  4. addictwithblue said,

    ari 2 mmg lupa betul nak ambik gmbr,ni sume gelabah punya pasal la ni..n u guys yang tripod pon x amik gmbr raya kn..bila dh balik sini baru terasa,arghhhh menyesal x amik gmbr mase kt umah ari 2…huhuhuhu 😦

  5. Rishu Rah said,

    Blue is an amazing color. Im controlled by blue. Heres a music track that you will like, has a nice summer melody to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj9Fjo_mCHY

    Have a bluetiful day/night

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