Exam oh Exam…

February 18, 2009 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Exam Night…

Tomorrow is immunology final exam….hard to say what actually i’m feelin rite now..just now umi call ckp gud luck

umi:ni dh sedia ke belum nk jwb exam ni besok??

me reply:dh kot..bc dh abes tp satu ape pon x melekat…nk buat mcm mane??

umi reply:alah awak 2 ye2 je x bole..sure bole punye la —-> see mom always have faith in their children no matter how stubborn i am

me reply:umi doakan tqa ae besok..takutla..

umi reply: umi sentiasa doakan awak..awak pon kena doa untuk diri sendiri

me reply(nk menangis dh mse ni,so tukar topic): knape senyap je umah?? adk2 mane??

umi reply: sume dh ttido kepenatan..afiq n amirah td habis berlatih ntuk final mssd hari ahad ni—–> proud of them, dh lame x tgk dorg berlari…adik2 y hebat…adam ada kt belakang buat homework..abidah biasala,mmg kaki tido..2 dh selamat la ats katil…ni y tggal ariff je la(adk sy y di tadika),bru teringat dye x siap keje skola…

ariff dri belakang menyampuk:akk dh kurus belum??kalo gemuk byk lemak—>how dare u ariff,tau x akk dh trun sekilo ni…hahaha..miss him a lot

umi reply:hari ni kn hari bhgia dye sbb umi cuti..

me reply:abi dh tido??

umi reply:abi dh tido dh pon —>my abi do sleep early same as all my adk2..pkl 9 lights off..kalah asrama..ngee~

me reply:ok la umi,tqa nk smbung study…umi doakan tau

umi reply:insyaAllah,umi sentiasa doakan..awk 2 jg kesihatan,jgn tido lmbt2—->ni y x bole,terpaksa tido lmbt sbb anak umi ni malas so x abes lg bc…hehe..

me reply:assalamualaikum umi..

umi reply:waalaikumsalam

i do miss my umi,my abi n adk2…they always stay in my heart..yesterday,today n forever…i love my family

correlation between my feelings n immunology

antigen(i miss home feelings) + antigen presenting cell(otak sy) ——>expression of antigen presenting cell using MHC (telephone)—–>i call home —-> APC + T Naive(Umi sy) —–>first signal (tanye2 kbr) —-> expression of co stimulator B7(nasihat2 umi) —–> T helper (umi menjadi lebih aktif bg advice) —–>T helper secrets IL-4 —-> degranulation of mast cells(sy menangis akhirnya…kalo mast cell keluarkn histamin n prostaglandin sy keluarkan air mata )…..

~happy reading~


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My 52 playlist…

February 18, 2009 at 6:35 am (Uncategorized) (, )

My Hardest Day….i hate immunology!!!

Music could be a good theraphy when u have bad day…..i believe it…

My 52 playlist in handphone…

1.Taylor Swift-Love Story

2Altimet feat Adeep Faboulus Cat -Chantek

3.-Ashley Parker Angel-Let You Go

4-Britney Spears-Break The Ice

5–Chris Daughtry-Home

6-Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown-No Air

7-PES 2008-Go To The Goal

8-Richard Marx-Right Here Waiting

9-The Fast and Furious-Soundtrack 1

10-Usher feat Alcia Keys-My Boo

11-Bawaku Terbang

12-David Archuletta-A Little Too Not Over You

13-Flightless Bird

14-Ari Lasso feat Bunga Citra Lestari-Aku dan Dirimu

15-The Click Five-Baby Just Say Goodnight

16-Innuendo-Belaian Jiwa


18-Keke Palmer-Bottoms Up

19-Blue feat Linkup-Bubblin

20-Chris Brown feat Keri Hilson-Superhuman

21-Britney Spears-Circus

22-Justin Timberlake-Cry Me A River

23-Secondhand Serenade-Fall For You


25-Miley Cyrus-Goodbye

26-Sony Ericsson-Heavenly Harp

27-Ve-Ikhlas Tapi Jauh

28-Celine Dion feat R. Kelly-I’m Your Angel

29-Craig David-Insomnia

30-Lady Gaga-Just Dance

31-Santana feat Steven Tyler Aerosmith-Just Feel Better

32-Just Like A Star

33-Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

34-Ne Yo-Mad

35-Malique feat M.Nasir-Mantera Beradu

36-Yuna-Missing Star

37-Westlife-My Private Movie



40-Secondhand Serenade-Stay Close,Don’t Go

41-Sixth Sense-Tanpa

42-Timbaland feat Fransisco&Keri Hilson-The Way I Are

43-Boys Like Girls-Thunder

44-Vanilla Sky-Umbrella

45-Elliot Yamin-Wait For You

46-Siti Nurhaliza-Wanita

47-Chris Daughtry-What About Now

48-Cascada-What Hurt The Most

49-Pussycat Dolls-When I Grow Up

50-Westlife-World of Our Own

51-Butterfingers-1000 tahun

52-30 Second To Mars-The Kill

I’m hoping for the best in tomorrow exam…at last I could fly free from Immunology..n start my holiday

~happy reading~

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Love Letters…

February 16, 2009 at 7:10 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

my great weekend with my syg!!!

hye2,it’s been long time i didnt touch my blog…how i miss it…busy lil bit lately n malas juga…but somethings stimulate me t0 post something today…coz i think rite now luv in da air so i just talk about love letter or share others love letter…which one do u prefer,love letter with messy handwriting from ur loves one or simple sms..yes,sms mybe more economy but i think i do love love letter….it show ur real expression..it just my opinion k…here i’ll share or post some of the love letter that i found in the internet not mine for sure(private stuffo…hahahaha)…~happy reading~

cute bunny love letter =)

cute bunny love letter =)

love letter could be for anyone…who cares??send it to ur family,friend,loves one n even to ur pet—->just for the expression…i know pet cant read…hahaha =p

trying to be creative??

trying to be creative??

grammatical error???memang sume org check tatabahasa kalo bc love letter???hahahaha…free to write everything..=)

not too long..not too short..just nice =)

not too long..not too short..just nice =)

love letter 2 ur best friend????yes you could….i love 2 get a love letter…so combeee,selalu2 antar love letter ikut bawah pintu eh….=)

pink love letter???hmmm..not me..=)

pink love letter???hmmm..not me..=)

for me pink means lovely,cute,n sweet but i cant even stand 2 wear pink…i do love 2 see people wearing pink things but i cant imagine if i’m the one that use that pink…mcm x sesuai je…heeeee =)…ok2, i’ll reveal one of my love letter but my love letter quite simple…just sharing with who read this blog…weeeee



who says that love letter must be written in a long sentences….my mapping???yes i can do it….simple n nice for me…i admit that my handwriting is terrible,my drawing is worse but for my satisfaction hmmmm,i think i love it…weee… expressing ur feelings into writing,drawing,music or anything could be a good theraphy…try it n send love letter to ur love ones,family,friend n ur pet….with love,atiqah.

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A Day in Jakarta:Part 2

February 2, 2009 at 2:51 pm (Uncategorized)

My exciting weekend…..


my happy face on Saturday morning..place:Monas

Ad x org laen y suke museum selain sy??Ramai org ckp museum memboringkn n old fashion…but we need to know history,our country build based on history…last week sy g Museum Indonesia(but seriously it’s very tiring) n dis week after our same routine which is berjogging di Monas n lepak2 breakfast at KL Village we go to Museum of Bank Mandiri(one of famous bank Indonesia..why is it famous?? most of Malaysian student withdraw money from this bank mostly Trisakti Student…hehe)..what I could tell,it’s fun,scary(kitorg berlari2 smbil menjerit2 dlm museum..haha), happening n totally relaxing!!!!

love the combination...biru(seluar lya),hitam(sweater mye),oren(baju combee) n pink(payung aida)..what a colourful world =)

love the combination...biru(seluar lya),hitam(sweater mye),oren(baju combee) n pink(payung aida)..what a colourful world =)

dis pic take place after having 5 round of jogging..i did it,thanks to aida,lebih kurang coach sy,tips dr aida: jgn bernafas guna mulut masa berlari,penat nanti..thanks aida…proud of myself,i made it..5 rounds..next tyme,kena up lg…combee berjaya 3 setengah shj bersama kasut barunya y baru beli mlm sebelum ni—>beli di Sarinah..ngeh3…weather is so cool,not sunny,rain a lil bit but relaxing!!!


cover album...our next album:museum

dis is my favourite pic..best pose,best setting,best buddies,best place, best smile,best mood..senang cter sume best!!

home sweet home

place:home sweet home

kalo x salah la,ni bekas tmpat pejabat presiden bank mandiri…if i’m not mistaken,dh tlupe plak…kami berseronok dh mcm rumah sendiri..but serius kalo g sorg2 x mau ah,scary mary!!!!dh la sunyi,byk bilik air pulak tuh..ngee~

kamilah harta karun paling berharga!!!weee=)

kamilah harta karun paling berharga!!!weee=)

hmm,ni kt bilik basement y actually bekas bilik peti besi simpan duit bank ni dulu2…2 dulu2 la,skrg nk g bwh ni pon takottt!!!combee ngan aida trun dulu n menurut kata combee dorg menyorok cuba nk terperanjatkn kitorg skali kitorg y tggl kt ats;mye.me n lya takut nk trun bwh(trun la separuh jln)…lya siap pggil lg:heloooo!!!!..tp sengal je aida ngan combee x menyahut,last2 kitorg berlari nek atas…gmbr ni ambil lepas second tyme trun..buat2 berani je nih..hehe=)

this is what we called school time!!!

this is what we called school time!!!

dis feels resemble me when I was in school time…the white building was very similar to school building…act there’s a kindegarten down there…just imagine a museum with a kindegarten…but this museum sure cool!!!

last tyme...

last tyme...

before end up the tour around;last pic take by mr satpam a.k.a guard here…mas2,tentera nya masuk skali ya—> i said to satpam…penting 2 gmbr colonel y terpacak kt tepi 2..tanpa mereka,x bermakna la museum ni(ni kalo pg),kalo mlm; ada mereka tiadalah kami nk melawat malam2 buta..hahaha =p

basically,i’m having fun on my weekend..thanks 2 buddies,jogging was fun,breakfast was delicious n museum was super duper exciting…~happy reading~

next on my list: Jakarta History Museum

:more pictures at: my facebook; nuratiqah_230389@yahoo.com

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