Love Letters…

February 16, 2009 at 7:10 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

my great weekend with my syg!!!

hye2,it’s been long time i didnt touch my blog…how i miss it…busy lil bit lately n malas juga…but somethings stimulate me t0 post something today…coz i think rite now luv in da air so i just talk about love letter or share others love letter…which one do u prefer,love letter with messy handwriting from ur loves one or simple sms..yes,sms mybe more economy but i think i do love love letter….it show ur real just my opinion k…here i’ll share or post some of the love letter that i found in the internet not mine for sure(private stuffo…hahahaha)…~happy reading~

cute bunny love letter =)

cute bunny love letter =)

love letter could be for anyone…who cares??send it to ur family,friend,loves one n even to ur pet—->just for the expression…i know pet cant read…hahaha =p

trying to be creative??

trying to be creative??

grammatical error???memang sume org check tatabahasa kalo bc love letter???hahahaha…free to write everything..=)

not too long..not too short..just nice =)

not too long..not too short..just nice =)

love letter 2 ur best friend????yes you could….i love 2 get a love letter…so combeee,selalu2 antar love letter ikut bawah pintu eh….=)

pink love letter???hmmm..not me..=)

pink love letter???hmmm..not me..=)

for me pink means lovely,cute,n sweet but i cant even stand 2 wear pink…i do love 2 see people wearing pink things but i cant imagine if i’m the one that use that pink…mcm x sesuai je…heeeee =)…ok2, i’ll reveal one of my love letter but my love letter quite simple…just sharing with who read this blog…weeeee



who says that love letter must be written in a long sentences….my mapping???yes i can do it….simple n nice for me…i admit that my handwriting is terrible,my drawing is worse but for my satisfaction hmmmm,i think i love it…weee… expressing ur feelings into writing,drawing,music or anything could be a good theraphy…try it n send love letter to ur love ones,family,friend n ur pet….with love,atiqah.



  1. malaysiansuperhero said,

    hehe….x sangka awek sy nie kreatif cgt2 =)

    • addictwithblue said,

      well,see the leg la….hahaha—->hesh atiqah,x elok riak…kihkihkihkih..thanks syg!!!=)

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