Different between Man and Women…

March 20, 2009 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized) (, )

My hard friday…

Whoa,i’m stuck in my cardiovascular world rite now..cant even move my feet to dance but still can run my tongue to sing…yeeehaaaa…last 2 days yming with my syg n let me share what he send to me…

do u agree??this is ridiculous la..x semua la covered with film of powder n paint…tp man still suke jugak kn tgk women y make up cantik2 2…muahahaha..bek jgn tipu..

a map that reveals something...

a map that reveals something...

hahaha..no comment..shopping is our most talent that cant be challenged by any man..

okay..now it's a graph...

okay..now it's a graph...

mestila kan,man kena kasi chance kt women untuk menang sbb….

owh it's colourful

owh it's colourful

ha this mean, women always choose for the best…see how colourful it is…hahahaha

math equation ha??soo creative...

math equation ha??soo creative...

ni x betul eh…women not equals to problem but we always be the best problem solver ~happy reading~



  1. gman said,

    haha…okey baru je nk buat psl laki dan pmpn..
    this is so funny ok

    **Cilok gamba~!

  2. addictwithblue said,

    hahaha..cilok la x gman oi..=)

  3. kenx said,

    man kena bg chance women menang
    sbb aper?

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