the art of friendship..

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oldmates who have the heart that wont turn old forever..=)

oldmates who have the heart that wont turn old forever..=)

“A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget…”

Friendship is like an art,it never goes as smooth as we want..there must be mixture of feelings in it..but no matter what true friend never be apart…belajar menghormati orang lain sekiranya kita mahu org lain memahami kita, belajar menerima orang lain sekiranya mahu org lain menerima kita dan belajar memahami org lain sekiranya mahu org lain memahami kita…

I wanna share a piece of my stories bout my sister’s strong bond of friendship:

ari 2 cerita ni terkeluar mase borak2 ngan my umi umi cerita my sis amirah masuk pertandingan rekacipta(abes dye keluarkan semua buku experiment y ade kt rumah 2,oh my abi suke kumpul buku2 experiment)..n in the end amirah masuk pertandingan 2, she buil her own caledeiskop(sorry kalo salah eja,,english fail..hahaha)…n her best friend(a boy), x igt la name budak 2 sape pon masuk jugak n he make a robot..oh lupe plak, my sis ni best friend dye sume lelaki…ok, smbung balik..last2, mase result keluar my sis menang,first place lg(prize including trophy,money n sijil kot)…n amirah pon balik rumah, but no smile on her umi sure la pelik kn, mane ad org menang pertandingan rekacipta first place lg balek muka mencuka..than my umi tnye; knape ni?x suke ke menang…n my sis said her firen was mad at her: td ……(x igt name boy 2) 2 ckp amirah poyo,berlagak dh menang…it’s not the matter that my sis berlagak ke ape, tp boy 2 rase tercabar la kalah ngan my sis tp mcm x logik je kn nk marah ngan best friend the end, my sis menangis n she said; x pe la, amirah bg je la semua hadiah ni dekat dia..amirah x nk dye x kawan ngan amirah…n when my umi ends the story i’m thingking a 10 years old girl that appreciate n afraid of losing her friend untill she want to sacrrifice the most thing that she want(the prize)…that’s the art of friendship..


maybe my stories is very simple but i just wanna share the moral values in it…in friendship there must be give n take n it needs full’s normal if sometimes u get jealous with ur friends but friendship worth more than that…~happy reading~ Jakarta, 11.31 pm

“A world without a friend, what would it be? It would be like a world without water, something you need. Friends are like glass, once broken, they are hard to fix. Keep your friends, as you would keep your water.”=)


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Me and the rain…

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“We send down pure water from the sky. That with it We may give life to a dead land, and slake the thirst of things We have created,- cattle and men in great numbers.”

(Surat al – Furqan, 48- 49)


What a’s rainin todayyy!!!but still not recover from my fever but it will so soon,insyaAllah..but today’s rain is a miracle because it makes me happy…i dunno why, but i’m happy now…

Things that i do when it’s rainin today:

1. class cancelled so me, cik combee n zie meredah hujan n have a lunch dekat hari2…n balik basah kuyup even berpayung..but  it’s ok i enjoy the rain, but not cik combee..she cant stop screaming; Geli! Geli! Geli! ak nk cuci kaki cepat…hahahaha

2.than pillow talk next, me, cik combee n zie bergulung dlm comforter atas katil cik combee n berborak bergosip..kind of meluahkan rasa2..hehehe..n with cik combee’s new air cond on(22 degrees)..kihkihkih

3. listen to my mp3 song together with cik combee n song: Boom Boom Pow(Black Eyed Peas), How Do You Sleep( Jesse Mc Cartney feat Ludacris), Hatin on The Club ( Rihanna)

4. did i mention we dance??oh yes, that’s a fun girly thing to do together..hahahaha

5. we did saw a movie trailer..damn menakutkan..cter ape ek???x igttt la pulak..ish2..

6. greatest conversation i had family called me..oh byk nye cerita baru..

-umi: lame rasanye awak x balik ek..

me reply back: elelele, ckp je la umi rindu kan..hehehe

– bidah: oh akak, bidah nye name masuk buku disiplin again…for planning unlegal camping n for experimenting on fire extenguisher(pemadam api)

me reply back: kenapa g maen bnd alah 2? sengal betul..

bidah reply back: ala, bidah nk tgk mcm mane dye berfungsi sekali salah guna..habis setong benda 2..

* my sis ni form 4 okay, n she keep putting her name in buku disiplinsince form 1 n she’s in skola agama..but no worries sis, that’s so cool of you..

-amalina or not : akak, canang amalina dpt B la sains…sedih =(

me reply back: lek la, baru canang first..biase la 2…*she’s the best n i knew she could do it,work more sis..

7.dinner with cik combee n mye…cik combee y dah lame x ke gym mkn dgn seronok hari ni nasi goreng biasa plus telur ceplok…oh plus kebab on our way back to our home…i miss my old cik combee who eat with sparkling eyes..heeee

-n after sayin good nite to cik combee ,here i am, in front of my laptop expressing in words every moment i have with a rain today-~happy reading~ 8.50 pm, Jakarta

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life..the thing that we should appreciate every piece in it..

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Verily We created man from a drop of a mingled fluid-drop (nutfa amshaj), in order to try him: so We gave him (the gifts), of hearing and sight.” (76:2).

Whoa it’s a long time i’m not into blogging…because i’m just having my growth n development( tumbuh kembang) modul so just share a bit of it….

It is so true that many of sometimes regret on what happened suddenly or by plan that happened in our life but apart from the thing that we regret there are so many things that we should appreciate..

Having a great life is not base on how rich you are n how famous you were but it’s on how you see the life…yes, there’s things that sooo damnn irritating*backstabbers,crush that never have a blink on us,friends that never understand us.. but believe or not there will something good happened after it…

being a normal of the sweet memories

being a normal of the sweet memories

My list on why we should appreciate life;

1. We live the life untill today…

2.Family that always support us no matter what

3.Real friends that never leave you alone

4.Your lover that never stop loving you (i’m addin it for myself..hehehe)

live the life that we had..leave all the sorrow n start everyday with smile…smile is the best thing to start up your day…

oh yes, i’m copying on how to make our life alive…hehehe =)

1.get up to go to the bathroom about six or five times during class n change clothes every time

2. when u take a test, hire a security guard to stand by your desk and make sure no one cheats off your paper

3.switch the men’s and women’s sign on the doors of the rest room

4. in a lift, shake every person’s hand when he/she get into the lift

5. walk up to random people in the street and shyly ask in a baby like voice *will**you*be  my fwend?



i copy the link too:

i’m boring so i babble a little bit in my blog..~happy reading~

a smile and a life..

a smile and a life..

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