happy hOliday!!!!

September 3, 2008 at 12:22 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

heyya sume, aiseh lame dh x jenguk my blOg pas dh balik msia…rindu sgt nk tulis tp x mse sesangat..ni baru la ad mase..padahak cuti tggal 2 weeks jek nih..kali ni nye hOliday sgt berharga n sgt2 bermakna bg sy..i spend my full time with my family,my frens n my doc..dpt bOwling with my sis n bro n dpt shOpping spreee…mega sale tuh,smpai x ckup tgn nk pgg beg plastik..dpt masak ntuk family n they seems rindu ngan masakan sy..kihkih..angkat bakul plak eh..n sy dpt spend time with my frens, hanging out with them even x sume la..thanks to sheryl yg fetch sy kt komuter n thanks to jiha 2 yg sggup fetch balik dr ipoh.. n yang paling bermakna kali ni,after 5 month kira2 nk jmpe at last dpt jmpe my doc..i spend more time with him this hOliday, n i will miss it when i come back to jakarta..he sacrifice a lot for me this holiday n i’m touched..bygkan je la, he fetch me the day i came back here eventough he tired helping people rewang at kenduri kawen, the next weekend he come back again far from ipoh to kl,2 meet me..we spend a day at kamal to buy stethoscope, to alamanda to buy stuff to eat when he’s driving and end up we buy a lot of food but we just eat the pretzel n the most memorable thing we do that day, we spend our evening at port dickson, just sit there at the beach, chatting n feel the breeze..even it’s just a day, i’m happy enough even really hope the day wont end…he done a lot of things to meet me, i really lOve him n i pray a lot that our relationship will stay forever..n the next week i went to ipoh to meet him, n special thanks to hani, fiza n dayah that kindly gave me n fiza a place to stay..fadhli gave us a tour around ipoh even he just came back from lecture n the best thing, we play buaian together at padang polo..hehe..

ala,dh ngantok la..later smbung lagi..nnti sy msukkan gmbr2 time holiday skali..


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