A Girl Best Friends…

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There’s something about a Teddy Bear that’s impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort and security. It’s almost supernatural.


Just a quick question..ever saw a girl getting a new teddy bears?Did you see her eyes twinkling and shining as she knew she’s getting a new friend.Yes,this is what I call a girls best friends,a cute puffy creatures called Tedy Bears.

Let me share with you my story about my favourite teddy bear,named Crispin Crispian. Nama teddy ni adopted dari buku cerita yang saya baca masa kecik2 and teddy ni exactly macam dlm buku tu. Warna dye dark brown,with a hat,a stripped yellow red hat…Teddy ni hadiah dari atok,atok beli masa garage sale kat Aussie..atok kata harga dye 1 dolar..and start my journey with Crispin Crispian. Setiap mlm dye la teman tidur,kalo hilang satu rumah sibuk cari..Actually,evryone kat rumah ada brg2 wajib before tido..hehehe,,The saddest part was when I have to left my best friend in Malaysia when I come to Jakarta. Nak sumbat dlm beg dh x muat,dah masukkan actually tapi terpaksa keluarkan balik sbb x dpt nk tututp beg..huhuhuhu.And Crispin Crispian still di bawa tapi smpai airport je.Dye duduk dalam trolly bag elok-elok,sedih sgt masa terpaksa tinggalkan dye.Tapi kelakar jugak sbb semua org tengok apsal dye duduk dalam trolly tuh..hehehe,Nak buat macam mana,saya sedih nak tinggalkan best friend saya..It’s okay,,smpai2 Jakarta benda first yang saya beli adalah a new Teddy Bear named Lulu.She’s different from Crispin Crispian,a lot more bigger and creamy in colour.but it was back then when I buy her,now disebabkan oleh debu-debu Jakarta she changed a lot..hahaha,,=)

This is Lulu

So girl,no matter how old you are teddy bear could be your best friend ever.She never hurt you and only gave you a warm hug when you are alone at night. Chasing your bad dreams and guard you until you wake up in the morning.A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

cik tedy bunchit with her best friends..

Baby Blue

“A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn’t matter much if an ear drops off.”
-Helen Exley-


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Why do we need light??

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Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space.  It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.  It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.  ~Michael Strassfeld


it’s been ages since my last super old post,,hehehe..been busy most of the time(act x la busy mana pon,,hahahaha)…from last night i’ve been searching about light,picture,quotes etc..look like my addiction to lights already come..huahuahua..

Do you ever realize why people need lights? Back to light basic function to light up life..Do light ever choose who it want to share itself with? Bayangkan kalau light pon ada sifat2 manusia,pilih kasih..haaa,,bayangkan bayangkan..si A dpt banyak cahaya smpai bercahaya2 walhal si B dapat sikit jek cahaya smpai terlihat kelam dalam kabut..heeee,,x mgkin kan?? Maybe this is why I love light, seriously I love lights..sangat!!!

I think everyone got their own lights in their life,,just ask yourself and find who is your lights?,,hehehe, A mother maybe thinks her children was her lights,A husband might say `my wife is my lights’ and A lover for sure will say his lover is his lights..The point is whoever your light was,everyone needs their lights..Hidup tu perlukan cahaya,dan cahaya-cahaya tu yang menerangi hidup kita,kalau xde cahaya-cahaya tu kelam la hidup macam malam tak berbintang..and we should take lights attitude,it never choos wether frinds or foe..i hope i could be as strong as lights that with light up peoples life..=)

This is my lights

This is my lights

So peps,let find our lights..jom jom jom..hehehe..Malam ni mahu mencari cahaya- cahaya hidup ku..

p:s/i have secret light,he lighten my day everyday,when it was dark he comes and bring the lights,he is my superhero,mr swordsman =)

~happy reading~

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the art of friendship..

June 9, 2009 at 4:33 pm (Uncategorized)


oldmates who have the heart that wont turn old forever..=)

oldmates who have the heart that wont turn old forever..=)

“A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget…”

Friendship is like an art,it never goes as smooth as we want..there must be mixture of feelings in it..but no matter what true friend never be apart…belajar menghormati orang lain sekiranya kita mahu org lain memahami kita, belajar menerima orang lain sekiranya mahu org lain menerima kita dan belajar memahami org lain sekiranya mahu org lain memahami kita…

I wanna share a piece of my stories bout my sister’s strong bond of friendship:

ari 2 cerita ni terkeluar mase borak2 ngan my umi la..my umi cerita my sis amirah masuk pertandingan rekacipta(abes dye keluarkan semua buku experiment y ade kt rumah 2,oh my abi suke kumpul buku2 experiment)..n in the end amirah masuk pertandingan 2, she buil her own caledeiskop(sorry kalo salah eja,,english fail..hahaha)…n her best friend(a boy), x igt la name budak 2 sape pon masuk jugak n he make a robot..oh lupe plak, my sis ni best friend dye sume lelaki…ok, smbung balik..last2, mase result keluar my sis menang,first place lg(prize including trophy,money n sijil kot)…n amirah pon balik rumah, but no smile on her face..my umi sure la pelik kn, mane ad org menang pertandingan rekacipta first place lg balek muka mencuka..than my umi tnye; knape ni?x suke ke menang…n my sis said her firen was mad at her: td ……(x igt name boy 2) 2 ckp amirah poyo,berlagak dh menang…it’s not the matter that my sis berlagak ke ape, tp boy 2 rase tercabar la kalah ngan my sis tp mcm x logik je kn nk marah ngan best friend sendiri..in the end, my sis menangis n she said; x pe la, amirah bg je la semua hadiah ni dekat dia..amirah x nk dye x kawan ngan amirah…n when my umi ends the story i’m thingking a 10 years old girl that appreciate n afraid of losing her friend untill she want to sacrrifice the most thing that she want(the prize)…that’s the art of friendship..


maybe my stories is very simple but i just wanna share the moral values in it…in friendship there must be give n take n it needs full understanding..it’s normal if sometimes u get jealous with ur friends but friendship worth more than that…~happy reading~ Jakarta, 11.31 pm

“A world without a friend, what would it be? It would be like a world without water, something you need. Friends are like glass, once broken, they are hard to fix. Keep your friends, as you would keep your water.”=)

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Me and the rain…

June 8, 2009 at 1:59 pm (Uncategorized)


“We send down pure water from the sky. That with it We may give life to a dead land, and slake the thirst of things We have created,- cattle and men in great numbers.”

(Surat al – Furqan, 48- 49)


What a relieve..it’s rainin todayyy!!!but still not recover from my fever but it will so soon,insyaAllah..but today’s rain is a miracle because it makes me happy…i dunno why, but i’m happy now…

Things that i do when it’s rainin today:

1. class cancelled so me, cik combee n zie meredah hujan n have a lunch dekat hari2…n balik basah kuyup even berpayung..but  it’s ok i enjoy the rain, but not cik combee..she cant stop screaming; Geli! Geli! Geli! ak nk cuci kaki cepat…hahahaha

2.than pillow talk next, me, cik combee n zie bergulung dlm comforter atas katil cik combee n berborak bergosip..kind of meluahkan rasa2..hehehe..n with cik combee’s new air cond on(22 degrees)..kihkihkih

3. listen to my mp3 song together with cik combee n zie..new song: Boom Boom Pow(Black Eyed Peas), How Do You Sleep( Jesse Mc Cartney feat Ludacris), Hatin on The Club ( Rihanna)

4. did i mention we dance??oh yes, that’s a fun girly thing to do together..hahahaha

5. we did saw a movie trailer..damn menakutkan..cter ape ek???x igttt la pulak..ish2..

6. greatest conversation i had today..my family called me..oh byk nye cerita baru..

-umi: lame rasanye awak x balik ek..

me reply back: elelele, ckp je la umi rindu kan..hehehe

– bidah: oh akak, bidah nye name masuk buku disiplin again…for planning unlegal camping n for experimenting on fire extenguisher(pemadam api)

me reply back: kenapa g maen bnd alah 2? sengal betul..

bidah reply back: ala, bidah nk tgk mcm mane dye berfungsi sekali salah guna..habis setong benda 2..

* my sis ni form 4 okay, n she keep putting her name in buku disiplinsince form 1 n she’s in skola agama..but no worries sis, that’s so cool of you..

-amalina or not : akak, canang amalina dpt B la sains…sedih =(

me reply back: lek la, baru canang first..biase la 2…*she’s the best n i knew she could do it,work more sis..

7.dinner with cik combee n mye…cik combee y dah lame x ke gym mkn dgn seronok hari ni nasi goreng biasa plus telur ceplok…oh plus kebab on our way back to our home…i miss my old cik combee who eat with sparkling eyes..heeee

-n after sayin good nite to cik combee ,here i am, in front of my laptop expressing in words every moment i have with a rain today-~happy reading~ 8.50 pm, Jakarta

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life..the thing that we should appreciate every piece in it..

June 4, 2009 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)


Verily We created man from a drop of a mingled fluid-drop (nutfa amshaj), in order to try him: so We gave him (the gifts), of hearing and sight.” (76:2).

Whoa it’s a long time i’m not into blogging…because i’m just having my growth n development( tumbuh kembang) modul so just share a bit of it….

It is so true that many of sometimes regret on what happened suddenly or by plan that happened in our life but apart from the thing that we regret there are so many things that we should appreciate..

Having a great life is not base on how rich you are n how famous you were but it’s on how you see the life…yes, there’s things that sooo damnn irritating*backstabbers,crush that never have a blink on us,friends that never understand us.. but believe or not there will something good happened after it…

being a normal baby..one of the sweet memories

being a normal baby..one of the sweet memories

My list on why we should appreciate life;

1. We live the life untill today…

2.Family that always support us no matter what

3.Real friends that never leave you alone

4.Your lover that never stop loving you (i’m addin it for myself..hehehe)

live the life that we had..leave all the sorrow n start everyday with smile…smile is the best thing to start up your day…

oh yes, i’m copying on how to make our life alive…hehehe =)

1.get up to go to the bathroom about six or five times during class n change clothes every time

2. when u take a test, hire a security guard to stand by your desk and make sure no one cheats off your paper

3.switch the men’s and women’s sign on the doors of the rest room

4. in a lift, shake every person’s hand when he/she get into the lift

5. walk up to random people in the street and shyly ask in a baby like voice *will**you*be  my fwend?



i copy the link too: http://www.area51newmexico.com/bored2.php

i’m boring so i babble a little bit in my blog..~happy reading~

a smile and a life..

a smile and a life..

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Smile Today..

April 13, 2009 at 2:49 pm (Uncategorized) ()

My Monday…

It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.

Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped.

Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you’ll be disconnected!

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

No,please don’t eat me. I have a wife and kids,eat them. – Homer,The Simpsons

Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers. – Homer Simpson

~this quotes made my day today,just wanna share~~happy reading~

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Loving You…

April 9, 2009 at 8:09 am (Uncategorized)

Loving u

loving u wont change rain to snow,

loving u wont change Gundam to Barbie,

loving u wont change cat to puppy,

loving u wont change black to white,


loving u change sorrow to happy,

loving u change hatred to love,

loving u change red love to blue love,

loving u change single to double

loving u means everything,

for my day

for my life n

for my soul..

i love u syg,forever n always.



jakarta,8 april 2009

~happy reading a poem from me that miss my doc so much~

ext link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw0s4C0g5SM

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20 years old me…

March 27, 2009 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized)

My friday…

~age doesnt matter~

~age doesnt matter~

yup i know it’s already 4 days since i lost my `teen’ but still in the mood of being new me…hehe.bz sebenarnya,cardiovascular modul really2 kill me…fuhhh..

let go the cardio fo a while…wanna share the best and the sad moment since i’m turning 20…

i feel the ` being 20′ environment since 22 march night…i cant do anything,it’s not i care about no one wish me..the thing that i care most is,it’s my first time clebrating my new age alone..i mean not really alone,but without my family..since i was a kid, i never ever celbrate it without my family..i really feel the tense..what i’m doin?? lipat baju, sapu bilik even dh pkul 11 mlm, pandang laptop smpai nk tembus n kemas almari…see, i cant face it…

okay than, at 1.00 am 23 March 2009 i got my first wish ` happy birthday syg, sorry lewat wish..td tgk gundam x sedar dh lepas pkl 12’…i’m happy,happy n happy becuse he wish me…thanks syg..than i open my fb n i got a lot of bday wishes from my samurian friends,my best 4 friends,my trisakti friend n even from my fadhli friend,thanks a lot everyone..u really made my day that nite..the worst thing that happend that nite was i had some bronchospasme…hmm,athma y dtg blik act…tgh2 ckp phone,bole ke kena sesak nafas…that was my first bday present…haha

the real 23 March 2009, i woke up with a new spirit..try to ignore my feeling of being alone..as usual, hari isnin g class…smpai2 class, nek tangga smpai tingkat 4..n there, again sesak nafas dtg lagi…so i just sit outside my class, waiting the normal circulation goin back…than,my indonesian friends who just come out from the toilet wish me…shockeddd!!! sbb no one knows bout my bday…i mean indonesian friends..msuk class, i got my bday wishes n thanks again friends…oh yes, lya zahid n aida together2 pkai tdung lilit..sgt2 chantekkk,thanks gals…sit at my place, i start feeling something in my heart…it beats faster, n there it comes…i cry,cry cry…i really miss home, i really miss when my parent give me a hug everytime they wish me for my birthday..n thanks my lecturer save the time,my lecturer come in n i stop crying slowly..the day goes as usual when all of us busy with cardio..no celebration sbb duet mara x msuk lagi..so sume org kopak…but the best thing that day, i got my new sweater…the sweater that i really2 love..thanks combee n zie, really2 love the present..n that nite i got call from my family..abi said : dah 20 tahun anak abi..short but meaningful…umi said: dah 20 tahun dah awak, semoga Allah mudahkn semua urusan..sentiasa tambah amal n selalu jaga diri..ya Allah sgt2 rindu mereka semua…

me n fiza with my new sweater but the same sweater with her..=)

me n fiza with my new sweater but the same sweater with her..=)

25 March 2009,ptg y sgt2 panas…fiza kejut suruh bgn solat zuhur n nk g class after that..than saje2 je la nk check duet dah masuk belum…oh yesss!!!duet dh msuk 3 juta Rp…senyum smpai ke telinga..n jerit terus: ` Qibahhh, duet dh masuk’…n the suprise come,double happiness for me that day..bru je nk keluar ke pagar dlm keadaan mamai2, ad someone sebut my name,oh posmen y salah sebut name..ada mbak nur afifah ngak??..nur atiqah la mas, n ape lg…yeayyyyyy, kalo td senyum smpai telinga..ni senyum dh tersimpul2,parcel from Malaysia sampai n it’s from Muhammad Zulfadhli Ariff…n box y smpai 2 dh sgt2 hancur tp my feeling dpt parcel 2 x tergambarkn…n bwak la parcel 2 g class, n opened it with my friends..n sume org x sbr nk tgk…volaaa,mcm2 ada dlm 2..let the picture tells..

tears of missin...

tears of missin...

acara membaca card bday...

acara membaca card bday...

revealing present from him..

revealing present from him..

the wedding bear..i named it dino n dico

the wedding bear..i named it dino n dico

a kiss from new mama..hehe

a kiss from new mama..hehe

with the feeling of true happiness…me n a few friends went for karaoke as i promise them to go to karaoke after masuk duet…n there i got my suprise again, a super duper yummy bday cake..topping cherry,strawberry,peach…seyes sedap gilerrrr!!!n karaoke went well,smpai serak2 sume org n guess what, we got 100 marks for song: I’m Your Angel..mantap seyh(padahal score 2 menipu,kitorg byk je berenti nyanyi sbb nk nyanyi lagu bday..hahaha)..after that bermain2 kt arcade pulak n a big treat at noodle n shoooopingggg!!!!

my 20 years old birthday cake..

my 20 years old birthday cake..

irene y comel hari 2,qiba y selalu dpt mrkah tggi ntuk nyanyi n fiza y sentiasa bersedia ntuk menyanyi..

irene y comel hari 2,qiba y selalu dpt mrkah tggi ntuk nyanyi n fiza y sentiasa bersedia ntuk menyanyi..

friends that really2 made my day...thanks a lot =)

friends that really2 made my day...thanks a lot =)

this is our fav activity..makan2 tanpa batasan..hahaha

this is our fav activity..makan2 tanpa batasan..hahaha

my wish for the new me:

1. I want to be a better person, a better khalifah, a better daughter n a better gf

2.I want to study as hard n smart as i can

3. I want to be a very good friend…

4. I want to prepare myself for the future…

*byk lagi nk cerita tp nnti jdik karangan bergambar pulak..so ckup la smpai sini*~happy reading~

`I am a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work , the more I have of it’ – Thomas Jefferson

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Different between Man and Women…

March 20, 2009 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized) (, )

My hard friday…

Whoa,i’m stuck in my cardiovascular world rite now..cant even move my feet to dance but still can run my tongue to sing…yeeehaaaa…last 2 days yming with my syg n let me share what he send to me…

do u agree??this is ridiculous la..x semua la covered with film of powder n paint…tp man still suke jugak kn tgk women y make up cantik2 2…muahahaha..bek jgn tipu..

a map that reveals something...

a map that reveals something...

hahaha..no comment..shopping is our most talent that cant be challenged by any man..

okay..now it's a graph...

okay..now it's a graph...

mestila kan,man kena kasi chance kt women untuk menang sbb….

owh it's colourful

owh it's colourful

ha this mean, women always choose for the best…see how colourful it is…hahahaha

math equation ha??soo creative...

math equation ha??soo creative...

ni x betul eh…women not equals to problem but we always be the best problem solver ~happy reading~

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Greatest Couple..

March 14, 2009 at 1:05 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

My  Saturday nite fever…

Yes, now i’m dreaming bout home..home where my heart is rite now…i want to be strong for the next 5 month untill I could go back home…Well, sometimes parents could be the most annoying people in the universe but do u realize that after all parents is the people that spend time with us n take part with our problem no matter how bad is the problem.. I  confess that there are time when I was in high school when I always have big arguement with my parents —> my mk cik said:atiqah mmg dr dulu kuat memberontak,tp alhamdulillah skrg dh jdik org…

my hero..

my hero..

My abi(father in arab) named Mohamed Nasir bin Mohamed Masbah born at 14 October 1962..the youngest among seven siblings n yes pling manja antara semua —> abi x pernah nk ngaku,tp atuk selalu mengkantoikan abi..muahahaha…my atuk said: abi awak dulu pandai tp dye nk blaja smpai spm je sbb nya dye nk blajar kemahiran..n betul apa y abi pilih,untill now my abi could repair any broken stuff n he could invent many new stuff…my abi love science a lot, he love books, he love origami —> mase muda2 he is tp skrg us la y menghancurkan buku origami 2 n he’s athinker…just give him a topic about anything n he’ll give such a brilliant opinion..yes, sbb itu setiap kali blik cuti i will sleep late at 4 in the morning berborak ngan dye.. mase kitorg kecik2,abi always teach us simple science experience mcm konsep terapung..oh,bnd pling best buat kaledioskop ngan abi…that one was so much fun,kaleidioskop 2 smpai skrg ad kt rumah…n rite now my abi work as ustaz which I hardly deal with his anak murid y sgt manja(jelous la org manja2 ngan ayah kite..isk2) n my abi run a business..not a big business but still it’s our family income n my abi work hard for it..i love u abi.

queen of my heart..

queen of my heart..

My umi named Hafidzah Bt Talib was born at 15 August 1962—> yes, same age as my abi…8 in sequence among 12 siblings…my umi nye family mmg sgt ramai–>atuk ada 2 isteri tau..hehehe..my umi is one of the most responsible kakak i ever known..she take care of his adik2, pok su,pak nip, mak liza untill my pk cik jdik org semua..my umi had a hard time raising them sbb my nenek died when she still young..my umi love shopping,yes sama ngan sy..but she shop for us more than she shop for herself..n my umi sgt2 mengutamakn anak2,no matter what..she’s my very best friend..people that i trust n people that i care most n people that i would sacrifice anything for..she’s a workaholic n she work as ustazah n she do gave a big help in running my abi bussiness..nk tahu x most of our customer sgt2 percaya kalo my umi y ckp..my umi nye aura sgt2 hebat..n i know she love me even i’m the naughtiest daughter she ever met.. sorry umi but i do love u much.

hot couple..

hot couple..

sweet couple..

sweet couple..

My parents anniversary was at 1 April..n yes the always tgglkn us kt umah bile smpai tarikh ni..berdating2 berdua n we always dont know where they are goin..but it’s okay we gave them a chance…hahaha..ad skali smpai pkl 12 mlm x blik, just imagine how panic i am, n when i called them,geramnyaaa..ad ke patut dorg ad kt konsert berdua..hesh,but still that was their happy2 day…x lame lg their 21th anniversary n i hope this lovely couple will stay forever.

me n my very best friend..

me n my very best friend..

mcm wat karangan english ntuk upsr pulak…heeee..~happy reading~

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